The media and the white house announce there's help, but where is it? The lack of communication with the SBA and PPP has made us feeling left in the Dark. COVID-19 has crippled small business owners. And with denial after denial, submission after submission, this pending process has left us in despair. Are you sure you want to be an Entrepreneur or Restauranteur? In this straight to the point interview with Alfredo Esparza, owner of American Wildburger, he'll answer just that. Enjoy. 🎙️🔊

In this iconic Episode, B96, WGCI, V104, Heavy Hitters, & DMX Official DJ Nonstop jumps on the show to lay down, in full transparency, the art of DJing. What does it take to get on the radio? How do you become the DJ of a huge Artist? This and so much more from a true Chicago DJ Legend. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

"You either do something or kill yourself." "You can be inspired by not being inspired." In this straight to the point conversation, with multitalented Chicago Artist Oliver Fade, we reveal the mindset that must exist to execute on your ideas, regardless of your situation. Prepare to be inspired. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

What's the real money you can make as a Promoter, how much do we need to start? As a DJ, what should we do to prepare ourselves for the next time something like this happens? Is GOFUNDME or asking for handouts the best way to get by, especially when 90% of our followers are industry friends that have also been impacted by the shutdown? Tune in to another real conversation with DJ Kiss, not blasting, but analyzing what the industry can do to get through this pandemic. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊 

"From super busy, to no work period!" COVID-19 has everyone asking, "What is Normal?" How is the economy going to bounce back, but more importantly, how does Small Business Chicago Bounce Back? In this Amazing optimistic interview with Sylk Negron, we run through right now opportunities (and real ways to make money) that you can take advantage of during this unprecedented moment. Get ready to crush your goals in 2020, even during this pandemic! Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

In this interview with High School Counselor [and 5-Star Yelp Rated Mobile DJ], Jesse Palencia, we'll learn how COVID-19 has disrupted the school year. Plus, we'll learn what it feels like to be in CPS during this crisis. We will also dive into the numbers and how much money has been lost in the DJ Business. Tune in to the transparency. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊 

In this Episode, Steve O'Brien (Owner of Award Winning Restaurant BRGRBELLY in Portage Park) opens up on how this Pandemic has affected business. How do your colleagues deal with this unprecedented moment? And What does it take to open a world-renowned restaurant like yours? Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

Nightlife Expert & Logan Square Media's Miguel Angel Alvia, [creator of NorthStar Entertainment, Entourage; Marketing Director for Chicago's Columbian Fest, Social Media Manager of Taste of Havanah, Senor Pan, & The Radler] gives us first-hand experience on how COVID-19, Stay-at-Home Order, has directly impacted the industry. This episode is packed with solutions and idea's on how to monetize, plan, and get creative during this pandemic. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

COVID-19 has made a dramatic impact on the Hospitality Industry, especially Bartenders! In this Exclusive Interview with Alfredo Vega, the Bowtender, we first go through the journey of how to become one of the most respected Baretdners in Chicago, to How the Stay-at-Home Order has impacted this career. Amongst many, he answers the question: 'What advice can you give your fellow industry friends' and 'What should we learn from all of this?' Enjoy!

Rapper, Business Owner, Photographer, Writer, & Performer, Daniel Martinez, gives us a taste of his new album, plus he shares his wisdom, lyricism, point of view on social distancing, and what the future looks like after COVID-19 for artists & photographers. Tune in on our poetic optimism!

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