In this Episode, Veteran Nightlife DJ Dynamico talks about his Journey into Radio, Residencies, & Reputable Connections. We go deep into the importance of Diversity, Blending, Beatmatching, Song Selecting, Name Branding, and Mathematics on How Much a DJ Could Realistically Make. We also talked about DJ's who use their platform to make offensive jokes. As a bonus, I reveal two powerful DJ Hacks that I've never shared on my podcast before. Enjoy! 🎙️🔊

In this Fresh Episode, Gio Sandz (one of the members of Fancy Fux) gives us some insight into the DJ, Promoter, & Producer Life. From throwing Parties around the World to DJing at the Biggest Concerts in the City. Mr. Tango Funk himself gives us the Juice on how to create connections, open doors, make hit records, & get paid. Enjoy!

In this Episode, Danny Jamz and I realize that the strategies of the past are still foolproof in the present. Sharing 10-Years apart, these DJ techniques are still valuable today! As Music Producers, we touch on Juke Music Production. As DJ's, we talk about the importance of Mixing Theory, Blending, Music Selection, and give our tips on How To Control the Crowd. Enjoy!

Attention! This one is very personal. In this Episode, Chris Lara and I open up about our Mental Illnesses and our battle against Anxiety, Depression, & Suicide. The most transparent show about my past & present thus far. We dig into the roots of our Mental Disorders, their cause, and find commonality in overcoming the past. There is hope. If you know anyone who is struggling with these issues, please share this with them. It's a one-time learning opportunity. Enjoy.

In this Episode, Slyk Marti Studios reveals, what I call, the Ultimate Photography Blueprint! Owners Sylk Negron & Daniel Martinez give us a handful of Gems that can be applied immediately! From business tactics to customer relationships, any serious photographer who is in the industry, or trying to get in, should listen to this! As a photographer who's worked with many others before, never have I had such an awe-inspiring dialogue like this. Enjoy!

No filter needed! In this Raw Episode, The legendary Hector Hot Mix opens up about his 11-Year relationship with one of the biggest companies in Chicago! From how it started, to how it ended; we go deep into the roots of this hate-love relationship. Plus, I reveal my music production technique that any aspiring producer could use immediately to catapult their music to the next level. Enjoy!

In this Episode, the man with a million-dollar plan Michael Heredia (aka DJ M-I-C) unpacks a ton of useful information. From going Viral to helping grow Live Scene; from losing a parent to losing a 10-year-friendship. This is one of the rawest shows I've produced with hardly any edits. Get ready for 100% realness.

Mr. Sober ASF - aka DJ Knockout - and I talk about multiple topics! From Tipping, Song Requests, Branding, Creating Crates, and oh yea, Scratching! We kept it Real ASF! I also reveal how I organize my crates, which is the secret behind my constant success behind the decks! Tune in for some JUICE you won't get anywhere else!

In this Episode, DJ T-Kidd and Myself laydown the Ultimate Beginners Guide on "How To Get Started in DJ Nightlife". Plus, we go into the topics of Race, Demographics, Branding, and Technology. We also lay down a list of "Do's & Don'ts" in the industry, plus I teach you one my personal DJ Hacks that I use at the beginning of every set! Enjoy!

In this episode, DJ Persist and I talk about the DJ aspects of Business, Financing, Networking, Retirement, Drunk Driving, Exhaustion, Temptation, Depression, and much more. Join us in the conversation, as we try and figure out how to balance Bussiness, Marriage, a 9 to 5, and still enjoy the nuances of Life.

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